Since 1977.

Profile Solutions Worldwide.

We are a team of highly skilled experts operating worldwide that takes a personal and solution-driven approach to provide leading technologies for your extrusion. As a full range supplier along the entire extrusion process, we offer customised service at the performance level required.

Millions in revenue

Exelliq. Since 1977.

Exelliq is the world’s leading supplier of extrusion lines, toolings and turnkey plants for profile extrusion. The core competence is process expertise in profile extrusion – development, design, manufacture and process optimisation of toolings and extrusion lines. The service portfolio ranges from formulation development to extrusion lines and from toolings to the engineering of complete production plants.

At 11 locations in Europe and the US, complete solutions are provided for all the requirements of profile manufacturers around the globe. With 6 tuning department centres and 15 permanently available extrusion lines as well as one of the largest development centres in the entire industry, Exelliq provides customised solutions to achieve a greater competitive advantage in profile extrusion.

Profile Solutions Worldwide

Exelliq has focused its worldwide activities on the ongoing development of innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies with greater benefits for customers. Exelliq systems allow for

  • more attractive profile surfaces,
  • more precise contours,
  • lower material input amount,
  • greater system availability,
  • more reliable processes,
  • shorter setup and maintenance times,
  • lower costs per running metre of profile,
  • and lower overall operating costs.


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