Digital solutions for your advantage in profile extrusion.

Decades of experience with extrusion processes are the foundation for the smart software applications from Exelliq. Benefit from the latest digital solutions and take your production to the next level.


Extrusion on a new level.

DIGI.MASTER revolutionises the modern extrusion process and is THE digital solution on the journey to a fully automated extrusion line.


Troubleshooting & Training

The new knowledge management tool provides targeted support for troubleshooting in production and, thanks to the rich multimedia content, is also ideally suited as training equipment.


The basis for the linkage of a complete extrusion line.

The fully defined data model including documentation connects the entire extrusion line and was developed specifically for the requirements in profile extrusion.


Digital optimization folder.

The specially developed AutoCAD application provides complete digital documentation of all optimisation steps carried out on the tooling.

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