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Circular economy, energy savings, material savings

With 6 tuning department centres worldwide and one of the largest development centres in the entire industry, Exelliq is always looking to create added value for customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.

For our products and services, it is our goal to minimise the amount of input material and waste in production while maximising energy savings.

With automatic solutions such as FLOW.MATIC functional dimensions of profile sections can be ensured on a permanent basis within a matter of seconds. In addition to faster production set-up, this means significant savings in raw materials and a reduced scrap rate.

 Energy efficiency plays a key role in all machines. The retrofittable GESS.TRONIC feature of the RED.LINE enables measurable energy savings in profile extrusion. By controlling the vacuum pumps, the biggest energy consumer of an extrusion line, in the calibration table and by using side-channel compressors for emptying tanks, GESS.TRONIC reduces energy consumption by up to 90%. Depending on the size of the system, that is about 100,000 kWh per year.

Co-extrusion is the process in which 2 or more plastic materials are extruded simultaneously by one die. This innovative technology allows virgin material to be used on the outside of the profile, for example, while recycled material can be used for the inside of the profile –with consistent product quality. With the newest LAYER.COEX plus co-extrusion technology, 55-65% of virgin material can be substituted by recycled material. Thus, old plastic is reused – all in the spirit of the circular economy.

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