Solutions for material savings in profile extrusion


Lowest material input amount. Most precise geometry of the profile.

FLOW.CONTROL enables sustained production improvement. The melt flow is controlled directly in the die using precise temperature control. That results in constant profile dimensions and production close to the lowest profile weight tolerance.

Your benefits:

  • Minimised input amount
  • Precise profile sections
  • Secured reproducibility
  • Faster start-up process
  • Lower production costs

With FLOW.MATIC – the further development of FLOW.CONTROL – the functional dimensions of the profile sections can now be permanently ensured, fully automatic and within seconds.

Download the FLOW.CONTROL & FLOW.MATIC product folder


FLOW.CONTROL: c. €27,000 p.a.
FLOW.MATIC: c. €48,000 p.a.

Window frame example: 1.2 kg/m, 5,000 h/a production time,
1.2 €/kg material costs, 350 kg/h output
(personnel costs taken into account)


Conserve resources during production.

Save on new PVC plastic by making the switch from mono toolings to co-extrusion. We adapt the new co-extrusion die to your existing calibration unit. We offer this upgrade for all our scopes of services and tailor the co-extrusion tooling to best suit your recipe.

By inserting LAYER.COEX plus you can also process a high percentage of mixed regrind. The core material content remains at 55-65% and is completed by cleverly devised thick-film technology. The coating can comprise up to 75% of the wall thickness of the profile. LAYER.COEX plus will save you 18% in overall costs.

Download co-extrusion folder

Minimum weight of the profile

Safely produce close to the lowest tolerance limit.

The input material is the main cost driver in the extrusion process, which is why the leverage for reducing profile costs is correspondingly high. Reducing the profile weight of a typical large main rotor by just 1% can save 15 tonnes of material – each and every year.

Together with us, you can define all tolerances and the minimum weight of the profile: we guarantee that we can significantly reduce your input material in the profile by complying exactly with the tolerance specification.

Minimum weight of the profile savings

15t of material savings p.a. with a 1% reduction in the profile weight of a typical main profile

Window frame example: 1.2 kg/m, 5,000 h/a production time,<br/> 1.2 €/kg material costs, 350 kg/h output


Digital profile weighing saves material costs

With the newly developed profile stacking end-component from Exelliq – the RED.SCALE with digitally integrated profile weighing – the amount of input material and the profile costs can be significantly reduced. The fast and precise weighing in combination with the permanent display of the current profile weight allows RED.SCALE to quickly and directly intervene in the event profile weights deviate during production. Thanks to seamless data recording, profile weight development trends can also be called up on the monitor at any time.

What’s more, Exelliq's RED.SCALE is equipped with an LED strip. It lights up green as long as the current profile weight is within the desired tolerance range. If the value is exceeded or falls below this range, the LED strip lights up in a different colour.

Your benefits:

  • Precise in-line profile weighing
  • Permanent real-time display of the actual profile weight
  • Seamless data recording
  • Display of trend lines in weight development
    on the RED.SCALE monitor and the RED.LINE controls
  • Quickly intervene in the process
  • Significantly reduces the amount of input material
  • Automatic stacking separated into approved products and rejects

Roller short calibration

Better surface quality.

The roller short calibrations improve the surface quality. They reduce scratches from appearing on the profile by up to 80%. No EDM wire cutting for re-working is needed, which allows for faster reaction times and shorter downtimes.

Your benefits:

  • Scrap reduction due to score-free profile surface
  • No EDM wire cutting for re-working needed
  • Fast reaction times and short downtimes

Roller tuner optional:

Roller-changing device to easily re-work rollers on conventional milling machines.

Download RED.TOOLING folder

Roller short calibration savings

c. €5,500 p.a.

Window frame example: 1.2 kg/m, 5,000 h/a production time,
1.2 €/kg material costs, 350 kg/h output

Air support control

Inner chamber ventilation ensured.

The air support control ensures ventilation of the inner chamber. The controlled air supply secures the geometry of the inner chambers, thus avoiding scraps.

Your benefits:

  • Automatic ventilation of the inner chambers
  • Secures the geometry of the inner chambers
  • Scraps avoided
  • Warning system for deviations

Download RED.TOOLING folder

Air support control savings

c. €7,000 p.a.

Window frame example: 1.2 kg/m, 5,000 h/a production time,
1.2 €/kg material costs, 350 kg/h output


Avoids deposits in dry calibration

The KEEP.CLEAN Unit removes dirt efficiently before it settles inside the extrusion tooling.

Your benefits:

  • Prevents dirt from building up in the vacuum slots during the first dry calibration
  • Significantly extends production time between cleaning processes
  • Retrofitting kit optional for existing tooling systems at a reasonable price

About 25% longer net production time per year (depending on the recipe, output, how often retooling is performed etc.)

Download RED.TOOLING folder

Changes to the geometry of the profile

Use our know-how to boost your success.

Is the wall thickness of your profile too thick, causing problems in your production? Are profile dimensions exceeding the tolerance, causing problems with functionality? In most cases, it is possible to modify your existing extrusion tooling to once more adapt it to the required market requirements or quality standards. The optimisation of the geometry of the profile often goes hand in hand with a reduction in production costs. Seize this opportunity!

Download the geometry optimisation of the profile

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