The sophisticated tooling solution TEC.TOOLING is a technical profile tooling specialised in the extrusion of small full and hollow chamber profiles. The die and dry calibration are designed for a particularly short setup time (without crane). In addition, TEC.TOOLING offers you a durable and stainless water bath or vacuum tank system.

  • Quick set-up time
  • Optimum handling
  • User-friendly
  • High process reliability
  • High profile quality
  • Long running performance


The die of the TEC.TOOLING system is made of high-quality steel and weighs only about 15 kg. That significantly accelerates the setup time and makes a crane superfluous. The design of the die either comes in a disc or mandrel construction. The die housing is firmly mounted on the extruder and also has a fixed connection to the heating cable and the temperature sensor – any errors during assembly can thus be practically ruled out. A special device helps with the start-up process of the profile. In addition, the optional TEC.HINGE ensures 100% snuggly fitting hinges.

TEC.TOOLING dry calibration

The TEC.TOOLING dry calibration was developed for especially fast set-up just like the die. The dry calibration is simply mounted on a base block by means of upright side pieces, which is firmly connected to the tank with a quick release lock. By means of star grips, all calibration parts are attached to the calibration itself, so that there are no additional loose parts. A strip can be integrated to prevent uneven cooling and bending of the profiles. The short calibrations are then inserted into the slots provided. For even faster and error-free set-up, a central connection for water and vacuum can also be installed.

TEC.TOOLING tank system

The TEC.TOOLING system is equipped with a water bath for the extrusion of full profiles. The water filling level can be easily regulated by means of an adjustable overflow; a drying chamber also ensures that the profiles dry better. When extruding hollow chamber profiles, however, a vacuum tank is used the side walls and lid of which are made of PMMA. Both the water bath system and the vacuum tank are durable and absolutely stainless.



Lowest material input amount. Most precise geometry of the profile.

Savings: c. €27,000 p.a.


Reduced cleaning expenditure.

c. 25% longer net production time per year

Air support control

Inner chamber ventilation ensured.

Savings: c. €7,000 p.a.

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