The TEC.LINE by Exelliq is ideal for the production of technical profiles and profiles for the construction industry.

It stands out with its compact and space-saving design and is extremely user-friendly. The length, height and the lateral position of the TEC.CAL calibration table can be exactly set repeatedly. The TEC.PUL haul-off can be designed as a belt or caterpillar carrier depending on your needs. The TEC.CUT cutting device is characterised by high cutting speeds and repeat accuracy. Attractive options make the range of products we offer complete.

  • Utmost process reliability
  • Multiple upgrade options
  • GESS.basic energy saving system optional
  • Space-saving design


Productivity in a nutshell.

TEC.TOOLING is a tooling solution for the extrusion of small solid and hollow chamber profiles.
With TEC.TOOLING, you can boost your productivity to the extreme.

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TEC.CAL calibration table

The TEC.CAL calibration table is a permanent fixture, which facilitates the power supply. The length, height and lateral position settings of the mounting frame can be adjusted and accurately repeated using the optional position indicator. The infeed and outfeed sides can be adjusted separately. In addition, the drip tray can be pulled out freely to ensure clean production conditions.

TEC.PUL haul-off

The extremely precise synchronous speed of the TEC.PUL ensures the profile is perfectly withdrawn. Depending on how the haul-off is designed, production speeds can reach 0.2 to 30 m/min. The TEC.PUL haul-off can be expanded with support belts and a manual feed of the upper belt carrier.


TEC.CUT cut-off device

In addition to a pneumatic drive, the TEC.CUT saw also comes with a servo drive, guaranteeing Exelliq’s usual high cutting accuracy. The servo drive excels with short profile cutting lengths in particular, allowing them to be cut with the utmost precision.



The perfect retrofit kit.

Energy savings: c. 50%


Lowest material input amount. Most precise geometry of the profile.

Savings: c. €27,000 p.a.


Revolutionising the start-up process.

Automatic and safe profile raising on the haul-off.

Air support control

Inner chamber ventilation ensured.

Savings: c. €7,000 p.a.

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