Extrusion on a new level.

DIGI.MASTER revolutionises the modern extrusion process and is THE digital solution on the journey to a fully automated extrusion line. With the help of permanent data acquisition, the production process is ­continuously optimised, while problems can be solved in real time. Unnecessary waste of resources is thus a thing of the past.

  • Everything from one source with the Exelliq software platform (uniform operating concept, updates, etc.)
  • Central machine control and visualisation of the entire line
  • Capturing and evaluation of process and machine data
  • Central line recipe management
  • Production indicators to increase productivity
  • Early warning system for process values that are at the tolerance limit

DIGI.MASTER completes (in addition to DIGI.LINE, ­DIGI.­TOOLING and Virtual Services) Exelliq’s ­array of digital solutions. All data of the production process are recorded and immediately documented. This form of permanent data recording ensures a sustainable increase in product quality. Furthermore, both material consumption and personnel costs can be reduced.

The heart of the system is the DIGI.MASTER Core software concept, which can be expanded with needs-based modules. DIGI.MASTER Core connects the entire extrusion line, which is centrally managed and linked to higher-level systems, with the help of the OPC UA Line data model developed in-house.

DIGI.MASTER is the answer from Exelliq to machine learning concepts and artificial intelligence, specially tailored to the requirements in profile extrusion. DIGI.MASTER is installed in the Exelliq tuning department, where it is constantly developed further. Curious? A live demonstration at Exelliq is possible at any time - contact us!

The various features at a glance:

Line monitor

  • Line monitor for all Exelliq extrusion lines with PLC control
  • Optimized for Tablet & Smartphone
  • Displaying order status, status of the components, product, etc.

Extrusion line overview

  • Detailed overview of the components and the according parameters

  • Live process values

  • Simple traffic light system to identify the status of a component

Recording and analyzing of process values

  • Recording of the process and machine parameters for the whole extrusion line

  • Preconfigured trends

  • User defined trends

  • Export functions (.csv, .xls, etc.)


  • Centralized management of extrusion line recipes (creation, editing, copying, etc.)

  • Setting(activating) of the recipe for the entire extrusion line

  • Broad possibilities to filter and edit all recipes

Production data acquisition

  • Recording and processing of the operating states

  • Analyzing with the help of trends (Pie-Chart, Bar-Chart, etc.)

  • Continous calculations of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness


  • Complete documentation directly accessible on the extrusion line

  • Manual, drawings, water scheme, etc.

Which installation requirements are needed?

Minimum system requirement of the virtual server (recommendation):

  • Operating system: Windows server 2016/2019 / Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    System type: 64-bit
    CPU: min. 4 cores
    RAM: min. 8 GB
    Memory: min. 200 GB HDD/SSD

Minimum system requirements for the PC:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit / Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit
    System type: 64-bit
    CPU: min. 4 cores
    RAM: min. 8 GB
    Memory: min. 200 GB HDD/SSD
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