Improve profile quality


Avoids deposits in dry calibration

The KEEP.CLEAN Unit removes dirt efficiently before it settles inside the extrusion tooling.

Your benefits:

  • Prevents dirt from building up in the vacuum slots during the first dry calibration
  • Significantly extends production time between cleaning processes
  • Retrofitting kit optional for existing tooling systems at a reasonable price

About 25% longer net production time per year (depending on the recipe, output, how often retooling is performed etc.)

Download RED.TOOLING folder

Roller short calibration

Better surface quality.

The roller short calibrations improve the surface quality. They reduce scratches from appearing on the profile by up to 80%. No EDM wire cutting for re-working is needed, which allows for faster reaction times and shorter downtimes.

Your benefits:

  • Scrap reduction due to score-free profile surface
  • No EDM wire cutting for re-working needed
  • Fast reaction times and short downtimes

Roller tuner optional:

Roller-changing device to easily re-work rollers on conventional milling machines.

Download RED.TOOLING folder

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