Troubleshooting & Training

The new knowledge management tool EXTRUSION.EXPERT provides targeted support for troubleshooting in production and, thanks to the rich multimedia content and its easy expansion, is also ideally suited as training equipment.

  • Central software for knowledge management
  • Troubleshooting more targeted and efficient
  • Available throughout the intranet
  • Content can be adapted and expanded in all directions as required
  • Self-optimising
  • Interface to the DIGI.MASTER


  • Troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Knowledgemanagement
  • Easy expansion of content
  • Message & ticket system


  • Targeted support for problem solving
  • Extensive filter options
  • Targeted through the introduction of filters and feedbacks
  • Linking specific images, videos and documents


  • Knowledge base
  • Training software for profile extrusion
  • Support at the onboarding of new employees
  • Self-studying platform for the extrusion process

Knowledge management

  • Basic content included in the scope of delivery
  • Content can be customized and extended
  • Capture all process knowledge in one central location

Message & ticket system

  • Simple feedback in case of problems
  • Feedback on the available know-how
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