Stack it the Exelliq way

The automated and ultramodern stacking system integrates seamlessly into existing extrusion lines and paves the way towards fully automated production process. This allows the profile bars to be automatically picked up after they have been cut to length and placed in the profile rack according to a desired stacking pattern. This innovative solution offers a number of advantages - from the independence from scarce personnel at the end of the line to the smooth transition from production directly into the warehouse. The focus is always on increasing added value.

Features and technical details:

  • The profile length is set by manually positioning the gripper units and ranges from 4,500 to 6,500 mm. Optionally, an automatic length adjustment can be implemented and stored in the recipe, which allows a minimum profile length of 3,100 mm.
  • The variable positioning of the gripper unit on both the inlet and outlet side makes it possible to place the profiles in a freely selectable position in the rack.
  • The transport rack is fed in, centered and pushed out automatically.
  • A non-visible infrared light grid not only supplies the necessary safety by permanently monitoring both the operating and outlet side, but also offers the best possible accessibility.
  • The machine control is embedded in Exelliq's proven DIGI.CONTROL, which seamlessly integrates the iQ STACK into the connected extrusion line.


  • Automatic insertion of separating strips (made of plastic or cardboard, length 630 - 700 mm, width 120 - 200 mm)
  • Weighing of each profile bar
  • Length measurement of each profile bar
  • Optical quality control using a camera (gasket applied, film in the correct position, inner walls correspond to a reference image, ...)
  • Scrap is automatically pushed to the non-operator side.
  • Ergonomic control panel on height-adjustable arm
  • Remote maintenance via Webcam
  • Service contract
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