Extrusion mixer

High-quality mixing devices and optimised conveyor systems form the basis for quality products in extrusion. Exelliq maintains contacts to all reputable suppliers worldwide. In the US and Canada, customers specifically benefit from Exelliq's expertise in sales and services for MTI/Zeppelin.

Raw material and formulation

The raw material used is a major contributing factor for a successful all-in-one solution. In close co-operation with our customers and the raw material suppliers, we develop formulations perfectly tuned to your needs.


Material systems

Exelliq offers material conveying systems in three configurations: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. You can find the best solution for any of your needs here and profit from the extrusion experts’ decades of experience in extrusion and planning.

  • Big bag or sack loading stations
  • Silos and containers
  • Vacuum or screw conveying units

Material conveying

A wide range of material conveying and storage systems is included in the delivery programme of Exelliq.


The exact weighing of raw material components is crucial for the dry blend quality. Highest process reliability and profile quality are solely given, if this can be guaranteed. Tight tolerances are required to achieve compliance with standards in extrusion. The precise weighing of main and minor components ensures constant quality concerning colour fidelity, stability, shape retention and surface finish of the final product.

Mixing technology

Mixing systems fulfil highest quality requirements demanded of high-quality formulations in the extrusion process. Exelliq offers individually configured solutions from basic to high levels of automation with interfaces for integration into overall systems.

You can find more information on the websites of our US and Canada partners: MTI/Zeppelin

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