Extrusion lines | Extrusion systems

Downstream equipment and machines for all scopes of services in profile extrusion.

Exelliq's machinery includes a wide product range of extrusion systems and extrusion lines
for your specific needs in the premium, mid and economy segments.


Automated extrusion process. Maximum savings.

Extrusion 4.0 for your profile production: DIGI.LINE digitally controls the extrusion process with real-time optimisation.


Superior profile quality. Lowest operating costs.

With RED.LINE, you can achieve more productivity, process reliability and the highest energy savings.


Made to professionally handle large profiles, panels, cellular sheets and special applications.

This RED.LINE product range giant enables a reliable withdrawal of large profiles with dimensions of up to 1,000 millimetres.

RED.LINE basic

Prioritising the essentials. Reliable. Economical. Upgradable.

RED.LINE basic expands Exelliq’s machine product portfolio.


Productivity in a nutshell.

The TEC.LINE is ideal for the production of technical profiles and profiles for the construction industry.

Machine upgrades

For more productivity.

Adapt your machinery to meet current requirements by adding a number of innovations from Exelliq to significantly increase your performance! We’re here to help you with your capital expenditure.

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Customised solutions

Each extrusion is unique.

Extrusion equipment requirements differ from application to application, from customer to customer or from country to country. Together with you, the Exelliq experts will develop your tailor-made solution. With various upgrade options and additional features to increase productivity and profile performance, we can create sustainable concepts. With Exelliq you lower your profile cost/metre and excel with higher profile quality.

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