Profile measurements

Your benefits:

  • Objective and reliable assessment of profile surfaces
  • Reproducible measuring values
  • Profile production based on defined tolerance limits
  • Long-term documentation of measurement results

Shadow measurement device

Objective evaluation of shadows on the profile surface

In most companies, visible “shadows” on the profile surfaces are subjectively assessed, such as in daylight or in a light box. The assessment of whether the profiles produced are approved or must be rejected varies from examiner to examiner. That is why Exelliq developed a measurement method for objectively assessing profile surfaces. Our innovative software in combination with a customised measuring device brings objectivity to your production.

Gloss measurement device

Objective evaluation of gloss strips on the profile surface

The assessment of the striping of a profile surface is equally subjective in most companies. The varying light conditions (e.g. under special light, in a light box or in daylight) influence the result just as much as the daytime condition of the observer and other environmental influences. These subjective evaluations occur due to the lack of objective measurement tools. Exelliq has developed a measuring device especially for this purpose, which detects gloss strips on the profile from a width of 1.5mm. This brings objectivity to your production and enables measurable assurance of surface quality.

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