Girls are rocking metal technology

Girls have been making up part of the technical apprentice team at Exelliq Group since the 1990s. At present, almost 20% of apprentices in metal technology are female. They receive excellent training at Exelliq Group – in both technical and personal aspects. Girls with a passion for technology enrich the entire company. What’s more: All four apprentices completed the current vocational school year with excellent marks!

And after the apprenticeship?

Apprentices in technical professions take on various roles after their training – from programming to technical drawing, assembly or machine operation. After the apprenticeship and with sufficient experience, the chances of being appointed shift leader or head of a technical department at Exelliq Group are high. It is also possible to transfer to another department, such as logistics or sales.

Following the apprenticeship, it is also possible to start a two-year training course to become an “Extrusion process technician”. This opens up a number of opportunities, such as being hired for international customers or doing a longer-term stay abroad at one of the production sites in Europe, the US or Asia.

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