The new RED.CUT disc cutter for wide, flat profiles

Highly precise and clean cut leaving no chips – without noise, without dust! 


The latest cutter technology from Exelliq makes it possible to cut wide, flat profiles in a particularly clean and quiet manner. An electrically driven slicing knife is used, which cuts the profiles the same way a pizza cutter does – clean and with the highest precision.


The new disc cutter comes in two versions and cuts either across or along the extrusion direction. The cross cutter cuts the profiles to length with very high repeat accuracy and, if required, automatically optimises the cross travel during the cutting cycle, while the upstream longitudinal cutter adapts to the current haul-off speed and permanently splits the profile in the extrusion direction.


Both versions are controlled by the ergonomically positioned operating panel. With its high cut quality and no need for cleaning during downstream processes, the disc cutter significantly reduces production costs.

This new cutter technology is suitable for PVC foam profiles up to 625 mm wide and 45 mm high and hollow chamber profiles up to 25 mm high.

To improve the cut quality, there is the option to add on heaters for the cutting knife and the profile preheating.

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