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Technical profiles made out of plastics can be found in the most diverse application areas. The Exelliq experts manufacture toolings and machines that meet your requirements perfectly. From XXS to XXL profiles – you can benefit from our many years’ of experience.

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Road construction delineators
Delineators at the edge of the road provide visual assistance to drivers to better see the road ahead.
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Garden profile
These v-shaped garden profiles are used in the aquaponics industry and form a container in which plants can grow until they are harvested.
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GF profile
These lightweight and fibre-reinforced plastic profiles have excellent static properties and do not corrode.
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Glass spacers
These spacers in the edge seals of insulating glass units are filled with a desiccant that absorbs the residual moisture in the space between the window panes.
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Sliding profile
Sliding profiles are used between two materials to minimise friction.
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Cable duct
Cable ducts are used to organise and protect cables inside cabinets.
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Edge protection
Edge protection profiles seal the corners of goods and protect their surface from damage.
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Window roller blind slat
These articulated roller blind slats together form the so-called roller blind curtain.
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Lighting profile
Lighting profiles shield strip lighting from moisture while protecting it from any damage.
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Lighting covers
Lighting covers let in daylight and still keep out the dust and rain.
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Ventilation profile
Ventilation profiles ensure air supply and extraction in heating or air-conditioning systems and usually also supply ventilation air.
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Multilayer pipe
Compared to pipes made purely out of plastic, multilayer pipe systems have improved strength and durability, without compromising transportability or weight.
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PFR profile
PFR profiles are made of plastic and are additionally blinded with a residual material made of paper fibres. This results in more strength and lower material costs.
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Angle staff
Angel staffs are suitable for the sealing between the cladding and doors/windows.
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Collision protection
Collision protection profiles are used on heavily-trafficked walkways and driveways and are intended to prevent impact damage.
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Protective strips
Protective strips have anti-slip properties or are used to protect delicate edges.
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Power track
Power tracks provide a flexible infrastructure for lighting with different properties so that they can be replaced or moved effortlessly.
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Stucco moulding
Stucco mouldings are used both to create smooth transitions between different surfaces and as a decorative element.
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Coiled tubing
Coiled tubing profiles are supplied on a spool and brought into tubes of varying diameters with the help of a coiled tubing machine.
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