Foamed profiles in new applications

Less plastic and better properties

From small solid foam profiles in single or multi-strand production as cladding rails to foamed WPC profiles or foamed sheets to large foamed-door profiles with hollow chambers. The Exelliq Group offers tailor-made technologies for various types of profiles.

The foamed profiles can either be laminated (on or offline) or given modified functional surfaces. Naturally, there is also the possibility of manufacturing a PMMA surface through co-extrusion.

Example of a WPC foam core profile.

The Exelliq Group has developed a foam extruder for the production of WPC profiles with an in-line foamed core. The foam core in WPC profiles not only ensures considerable material savings, but also has many positive product properties, such as good thermal or sound insulation properties or mechanical damping.

Exelliq’s foam extruder is based on the technology of physical foaming. In this process, low-boiling liquids (e.g. hydrocarbons) are added to the plastic, which evaporate in the course of polymerisation and thus form the typical gas bubbles. The technology perfectly combines the advantages of a solid profile with the benefits of a hollow chamber in the end product.

The advantages of WPC profiles with a physically foamed core compared to WPC solid decking profiles:

  • Up to 50% in input material savings through weight reduction
  • Up to 46% in material cost savings
  • Up to 32% reduction in production costs
  • Improved dimensional tolerance
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