MPT.TOOLING is the result of decades of experience and incorporates the know-how of thousands of high-performance extrusion toolings built by Exelliq. The design is lean and trimmed to the essentials; however, the core elements of Exelliq’s high-end tooling technology are still included. Moreover, you have the option to upgrade MPT.TOOLING further with a variety of options and special features.

  • Particularly economical and efficient
  • Integrated Exelliq high-end technologies
  • Quick die change – low set-up effort
  • Increased process reliability and stability
  • Exact profile reproducibility even after many assembly cycles
  • For very economical series and small-series profile extrusion

MPT die

The ideal gap and pressure changes of the MPT.TOOLING die are calculated to suit your requirements. The heating zones are positioned in such a way that fluctuations can be cushioned as best as possible. The sheets are centred using GET.LOCKS. Well-formed flow samples ensure low wear in dry calibration.

MPT dry calibration

The high level of maturity and standardisation in the construction, design and calibration build enables particularly efficient tooling production. The process characteristics of MPT.TOOLING focus on low wear and a large production window. In addition, adjusting units in several off-centre grading offer precise centring precision combined with high flexibility.

MPT short calibration

High precision GET.SETS inserts from the RED.TOOLING technology enable calibration components to be quickly positioned to fit exactly. This ensures the exact reproducibility of the geometry of the profile – even after countless assembly cycles and years of production. With GET.CARBIDE inserts, a long service life of the short calibration is ensured.

MPT water and vacuum tank

The tanks of MPT.TOOLING are characterised by low water consumption and a calmed vacuum system. This is achieved through a special design that guides the water flows. In addition, this allows a reduction in energy consumption.


Post co-extrusion

Best adhesion for your gaskets.

Extrusion coating


Layer by layer to a high-tech profile.

Thin PMMA top layers, individual colouring and UV stabilisation

Central plug adapter

Plug & play.

Quick set-up and error prevention

Gloss heating

Gloss level control.

Better and more even profile gloss

Closed water circuit

The benefits of cooling water are plenty.

Savings: c. 50% water circulation


Reduced cleaning expenditure.

c. 25% longer net production time per year

Air support control

Inner chamber ventilation ensured.

Savings: c. €7,000 p.a.

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